jueves, 12 de agosto de 2010

attraction law

The law of attraction is that that law that tells us everything that happens around us and everything we experience happens for a reason very important, because we are guided towards us, all without exception.
Everything in the universe is connected, and we're part of the universe, our planet as we all know is highly influenced by the sun, and is also influenced by the moon, also the world influence us every day, but like this, we "influenced the universe" But this does not mean that if we think that a meteorite fall and destroy our home will happen, DO NOT not happen, not this way than does the law of attraction, law of attraction works the same but how each individual acts according to the mental conception of it.

we are always attracting things into our lives

Although many people may be incredulous to this is an inevitable truth, observes the daily thoughts we have is the best way to check, because our lives are governed to 100% of the time by our thoughts.
if you always think about how bad we will, either at work or at home, all you find is more than that, and we can see things even worse than they really are, for example, a college student always dedicated to getting good grades is a little bad luck and thanks to this recent and psychologically happens even more watching how things are going, and even worse if you have other responsibilities in addition to their college, but if the student note this is just a bad patch and begins to look good as the real results and focuses on ensuring that these results are much better, encourage her life and her mind will not be saturated with evil thoughts.

The mind

The law of attraction as mentioned above works attracting things, situations, people, among other things, an individual or individuals according to the thoughts and feelings that they contain continuously forming universe and yourself, every day also builds up its be. This step generates Furuta thinking and the formation of the individual.
the human brain is very powerful, and our thoughts are also trained there, why? is simple, our thoughts have been closely connected with feelings, even the thoughts exercised at any given time are also generated under the feeling that people have at that moment, but the thoughts are achieved mainly based on our knowledge and our experiences and therefore it is advisable to have intoaccount and be careful with what you put into your brain, so as not feed our body devemos wrong things, not debgemos put trash in our brain.

The law of attraction affects every individual depending on their model of thinking, so what is more owing to think good things, but it would be stupid to believe that this means seeing everything as the sweetest fairy tale, this is not the point, idea is to direct our lives with positive thoughts, and this not only helps bring good things, also helps us to live better and be happy, making the law of attraction works in our favor, even more, so as we can easily get bad thing look much worse than it is, just for our impulses, thoughts or feelings, we can also make something good is excellent, and this is accomplished with our mind.

"The consepcion of life is mental and so our mind directs our lives, our minds is due care"